Welcome to Chicopee Provision.

Thousands of happy customers already enjoy “Traditional Polish flavor” right here in the USA. We invite you to join them. Ordering is easy and fast. You normally can expect your Kielbasa to arrive within a week. Order today so you, too, can savor the mouth-watering taste of country-made Polish Style Kielbasa.Our huge assortment – more than sixty products – makes it easy to please many diverse tastes (most are in bulk to wholesalers only). Not sure what kind of Kielbasa someone else would prefer as a gift? Just order a SamplerPak or Gourmet Gift Package – you will be on target with either one.

Excellent selection of over 30 products…

  • Shipped summer or winter – anywhere in the USA
  • Made with authentic Polish recipes
  • Guaranteed to arrive fresh and to your satisfaction
  • Order today – enjoy next week
  • Orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday. Orders received after 9AM EST will be shipped the next available shipping day if possible. Please plan accordingly

We would like you to enjoy our products to the fullest.

Since Chicopee Provision’s product – all USDA inspected, of course – are made with an absolute minimum of preservatives, it is very important to store them properly. Here are some basic points:

Refrigerate upon arrival.

When your Kielbasa arrives, it is a good idea to remove contents from shipping container as soon as possible. Place products you intend on using within the next 30 days in the refrigerator, the rest should be frozen


Products are shipped in a cryovac (air tight plastic) container suitable for freezing and should be kept in-tact until ready to prepare (cooked)


For best results, Kielbasa should be defrosted slowly, preferably overnight in the refrigerator.
Shipping preferences apply to the time in transit of the completed order and do not apply to the processing time and packing of the order.

Our Factory Store

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Phone: 800-924-6328

Please call us for store hours.